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    D Aaron (Tuesday, 08 November 2011 17:36)

    I suffered from severe and debilitating arm and shoulder pain due to a repetitive-use injury related to my work. After nearly two years of seeing an endless amount of MDs -two of whom were specialists- and countless useless prescriptions, I was at the end of my rope and contemplating surgery. My work was greatly affected, I was unable to sleep, and being in constant pain I was unable to enjoy my life. On the advice of a friend, I reluctantly entered the office of Makai Chiropractic. Within months, under the care of Dr. Fitzgerald, I was completely healed. My body was given the care and intelligent attention that it needed, without the use of drugs or going under the knife. It has now been three years since I first walked into Makai Chiropractic. Today I have a greater understanding of how my body functions, I am out of pain, and feel better than ever!

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    L S R (Tuesday, 08 November 2011 18:02)

    All I can say is… Dr. Nancy is AWESOME. When I go to the office it is not just a let’s-check-you-and-give-you-a-crack chiropractic treatment…it is complete, caring, in-depth, knowledgeable treatment that works. The loving care that I received at Makai Chiropractic before, throughout, and after my challenging pregnancy, is unparalleled. The office has helped me with everything from sciatica to mastitis… and has even treated my baby! This is quality healthcare. I recommend this office to everyone I know.

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    Erin Stephens (Monday, 11 June 2012 15:20)

    I found Makai Chiropractic through the Active Release Technique website when I was looking for providers who specialized in the care. What I ended up with was the top-notch doctor on the Island. My training for Ironman Honu came to a halt when I couldn't run due to all kinds of muscle injuries and built-up scar tissue. But she is so experienced with triathletes and so completely knowledgable about the body, she was able to get me back and running safely in no time. Her continued care throughout my training was the ONLY reason I was able to finish the race strong and healthy. I could not have done it without her!! Not only that, she is the most caring and genuine person and you will feel so welcome and safe. I looked forward to my visits and her big smile and lots of laughs. I have received ART before, in Kona and in Boston, but Dr. Ann blows them all away. Makai Chiropractice is the place you want to go to get the best care possible!

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    Lloyd L. (Friday, 13 July 2012 21:42)

    Dr. Nancy is awesome. A true Healer and and a wonderfull human being! She embodies the true 'Aloha Spirit" and is genuinely concerned about her patients wellbeing and progress. Her ART skills are phenonmenal and being a former Ironman I can feel the difference in her treatments to my overall well being, my health and my energy levels.

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    Y.R. (Friday, 13 July 2012 21:44)

    Nancy is THE person you want to mess with your bones and your energy flow!

    She's one of those things in life you find and are pleasantly surprised about. Yes! Finally a skillful AND genuinely caring chiropractor.

    I found her a month ago and everytime I visited her office, the person who she just finished with was brimming with happiness and thanking her from her/his heart or calling her a miracle worker, or letting her know he'll bring his wife too.

    She is a wonderful person and a true professional, period. Her work is very intelligent, intuitive, and she does everything with EASE. She has strong hands, which I especially appreciate when she does ATR - active release technique. Well, I trust her. And I recommend her to anybody. She's usually booked 5-7 days ahead - a solid proof that she is excellent at what she does. The first longer session was $120, and the others were $60, and she is NOT a clockwatcher! She's now traveling in Europe and I can't wait to continue my treatment when she's back.